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Hey there, welcome to the Natural Hair Information page! 

The Person Behind Natural Hair Information

My name is Gugu and I have been natural since October, 2008. I remember taking down my tiny, full-of-split-ends bun late afternoon and my mom seeing me struggle with bumps, burns and bruises from the last relaxer and I was just fed up with all the scars in my head. So she recommended the big chop and honestly, I didn’t care anymore so I went for it and I have been growing out my hair since. I had a lot of set backs thanks to lack of information and the first thing I Googled was “how to grow my afro”. And a whole world of information just exploded and my natural hair world has never been the same!

Years was later exposed to the world of Youtube, and with that several groups on Facebook and other social medias about how to grow natural hair. What I found was that there will always be a hype about what is in now with growing hair. There will always by something new from this country or something historic that can be added to our routine on how to grow natural hair. But what I found was that there isn’t much information about the basics or a home for many new and old naturals (like me) that can give them a guidance on what to do with that beautiful crown that sits on their heads 24/7 days of their lives. 

The Best Way to Grow Natural Hair is To Learn and ReLearn

For the longest time I had the desire to be some form of influencer, but I didn’t know how I could share so much knowledge that I have gained all these years without doing EXACTLY the same as everyone else in all the social medias. So I do what I did after I big chopped. Go through a series of blogs and taking notes of what is needed for my hair to grow. 1000 oils later I learned about moisture. 1500 deep conditioners later, I learned about a routine. I wish I knew the routine FIRST before I invested on so much product would have saved me A LOT of time and money. 

So what’s different from what’s here than what is anywhere in the world about our hair? 

Well, first remember that trends come and go. The world looks at the latest and forgets about it in a week. The influencer, the hype about a certain style, the status, the 30 second video all get forgotten the minute you swipe left, down and all that the viewer have is information or a blurry memory without even remembering who it is they saw do something something similar to that look. I want to remind naturals why we started, why we are here. Why we chose to return to being natural. To embrace our God given hair and be unapologetic about it. 

Natural Hair Information – Topical Hair Information

This website is to celebrate, enjoy the fun, the up and the downs about natural hair. To celebrate the influencers, the socila medias, the bloggers, the trensetters, the newbies and the OG’s.

If you ever need a hand or have ay questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


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