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In this post we will be discussing some Top natural hair braiders and stylists on YouTube that have shown videos are dedicated to creating an entire channel on helping naturals and stylist how to best use methods to style natural hair with as little time or as little tension on natural hair as possible.

The focus of these stylist should be less tension because what is the point of styling or braiding natural hair if you are not protecting your natural hair right?

We have had years and years of ignoring our hair and its perfect curl so we can shape it to fit the media standard but now the natural hair community is doing what it needed to do by switching up and ensuring that we learn to embrace our hair even if we wear wigs and braids.

On these Youtube natural hair videos, we will see that  even then and now, braids and extension of any form have always been part of our history as black women but right now we are doing it painless and flaunting it as we go.

There are different influencers that shape the way naturals can style their hair esp with fiber such as Box Braids or wigs.

The styling game has changed because naturals are looking for ways to style their hair without any tension or that “heavy feeling” when doing styles with fiber in them.

The list of YouTube Influences can be salons, or personal stylists who do from mostly braids, to weaves, and safe methods to use heat to straighten and style.

Here is a list of some of our favorite influencers who helped teach methods to braid, cornrow or style natural hair using extensions.

Beautycanbraid – 1.6m YouTube Subs @beautycanbraid

Beautycanbraid is a mainly a braider. Honestly I have never heard her voice as she is strictly focused on one thing, showing you how she braids hair. It’s that simple.

She gets straight to the point, sharing the finished product and then showing her followers how she braids the style. She also sells a few wigs, edge pomade and her self branded parting comb so any aspiring braiders can have the exact same outcome as she does when she styles her customers.

I love how simple she does her videos and straight to the point showing different methods to do fiber extensions or braids. She is very active on Instagram and I have seen a few photos of her, although that is not the point of her channel but her clients, I’ve seen a few people who feel they should know who is behind the camera but if you want to see hair content, she serves it quite well.

Beautycanbraid recently posted a video that she is taking a break from YouTube and on her Instagram handle indicates services available from April 2021.

Deeper than hair TV – 925K YouTube Subs @Deeper.Than.Hair

Deeper than Hair TV is a braiding and styling salon based in Philadelphia, in the US of America and has built herself an empire of a business from salon to natural hair products.

Her YouTube Page is filled with a set of videos that allow them to share information on straightening natural hair, trims, box braids done by the CEO herself, Annagjid “Kee” Taylor.

My favorite of her videos is the trims she does after doing silk presses on natural hair and finally getting rid of those dead ends, those are so fulfilling.

She also has a @ShearGeniusCollection Products which I have yet to try, and is a writer of All hair is good hair children book

Freedom Styles – 768k YouTube Subs @freedomstyles2

Freedom is a very lively character who shares how naturals can install box braids, sew Installs, crochet styles/braids and beginner friendly tutorials. She is a Nigerian that is based in Sweden and also does vlogs on her life living and visiting Nigeria.

Sharing how naturals can grow their hair and also braids natural hair. She is actually one of the first people I saw to do a braided wig on YouTube! Talk about creativity

Some of her more popular videos are of her growing her natural hair and transitioning from thin hair.

She owns wig shop that she sells independently worldwide. Get that coin girl!

Mo Knows Hair – 389K YouTube Subs @moknowshair

She is one of the first naturals to do a silk wrap on YouTube when everyone was still scared of using heat on Natural hair.

Monica has a lot of detailed information about the scientific aspects of Natural Hair. She is straight forward and gets to the point and you will get on your feelings as she teaches. But you’ll get over yourself because she knows hair as her names says.

She is a hair stylist and Licensed Cosmetologist so you bet if she helps you out, she has years of experience and has documented everything on her blog and YouTube channel to help you learn to grow and style your natural hair.

She is part of the Aveda Texture Team which means (although I may be wrong) she has influence to how Aveda makes its product to best suit most naturals needs.

I wouldn’t say she is a braider but I am 105% sure that if you sit on her chair you will come back having all “the know how” to specifically care for your hair. Same goes for her channel. It is packed with so much information that will have you filling up a notebook if you were in class! From what you eat, to your daily life and routine, MoKnowsHair is a channel that gets to the point on hair care especially focusing on color treated natural hair.

Mo Also has a product line called MKH Curl Collection that is available at Sally’s Beauty.

TheBrilliantBeauty AKA @ 502k YT subs

Jodian,@thebrilliantbeauty for me is OG with protective styles. She is one of the naturals that taught us how to crochet hair without it looking too bulking and heavy and more natural. I love how she shows hair hacks using fiber hair and her channel is just simply about how brilliant she is at that.

She teaches viewers how to grab some cheap fiber hair and make some fabulous styles without heading to the salon and investing some time while doing it and uses straight braiding hair or marley hair for many crochet styles.


It is pretty obvious that YouTube is here to stay and that it is the basis of a lot of knowledge regarding natural hair. I’m so proud to have had experienced many of these influencers early on in the start of their natural hair influencer stages and now they run businesses and sell products for many naturals who would like to learn to style and care for their hair. We celebrate you beautiful queens for all the effort you have put in the natural hair community and the putting a thumbprint in the YouTube Community as well

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